What is a Universal Changing Table?

A universal changing table is an adult sized changing table designed to hold at least 350lbs. It is a  place where caretakers can conveniently and safely assist with bathroom needs for those who may be unable to care for themselves. It is designed to accommodate individuals with a disability, children, babies, the aging population and those who use a catheter.

Adult changing tables come in a variety of designs with a selection of features. Deciding which is right for you depends on the needs of your guests. ALWAYS keep in mind: height of table on wall, weight capacity of at least 350lbs and space for wheelchair to navigate. Distributors can be recommended by Dignified Changes.

Why is there a need for Universal Changing Tables?

People living with incontinence want to leave their homes and enjoy life. When a bathroom need arises, individuals and their caretakers often have nowhere to care for their bathroom needs. Most are laid on a  bathroom floor, some set up a tent in a parking lot, others use tailgates of trucks or floors of vehicles. Families are usually isolated from their communities from lack of access to a private, suitable place for their needs.

benefits of installing a Universal Changing Table

  1. Increased profit margins by offering an equal opportunity for bathroom use
  2. Become a Lead Agent in your community
  3. Your mission statement can include how ALL customers are valued
  4. Spotlighted on Dignified Changes Facebook page and website
  5. Earn a Certificate of “Excellence in Leading Community Inclusion”